Saturday, April 7, 2012


Last April I was asked by the Univeristy of Wisconsin at Madison sculpture department to give a talk on molds to the undergrads. For the talk I prepared, ahead of time, a life cast, 2 part rubber and resin mold and a final silicone cast that I painted. The object, a male right hand. The talk went really well, but thats not what this post is about. Since then, I've had a wonderfully realistic rubber hand lying around. It's now, a year later making some money! I rented the hand to a television show for one of the discovery channels, then fabricated another hand for a feature film for a special effects gag. I've posted some set photos and some photos of the painting from the newly fabricated hand. For the painting I used a combination of mixol pigments in plat gel 10 and a few colors from fuse fx. Into the uncurred rubber, before the cast, it was intrinsically tinted with flocking and fuse fx pigment.

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