Sunday, March 11, 2012

Painting the Mask

Once I got the mask from Joe it was time to paint. In order for paint to stay on the foam latex, you need to mix acrylic paint with prosaide adhesive. This is called PAX paint. Once the paint dries it will be a little tacky, but a little powder takes care of this. I used red PAX paint to cover the mask and the ears. The rigid foam for the horns was painted with straight acrylic paint in the same color. More PAX was mixed up in different colors for the mouth. I was in charge of only doing base colors for the paint job. On the shoot day, another makeup artist was in charge of applying the prosthetic and adding additional color with an airbrush. Not only was the mask applied, but contact lenses were worn and the actors teeth were blacked out to heighten the illusion.

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