Friday, March 9, 2012

Molding and Casting the Mask

After I had made an ultra cal 30 mold of the mask, it was time for my good friend and very talented fx artist, Joe Amella, to take over and run the foam latex. He has a shop with an oven he uses only for special effects and foam latex. I had asked him to tint the foam red as to make the pant job go a little quicker. While Joe tackled the mask I kept busy making the molds and casts of the horns and ears. The horn mold was done as a two part silicone brush up mold using Smooth-on Rebound 25. The mother mold was made from Smooth-on Plasti Paste. A resin base with fiber glass fibers already mixed in. It's a great product with a short cure time of 3 hours. The ears were molded with the same materials. After the molds were set, they were cleaned with a bit of 99% alcohol. I decided to run the horns in Smooth-on rigid foam ten. It is a two part expanding foam that is hard and lightweight when cured. For the ears I tried my hand at cold foam. Kryolan makes a cold foam, similar to hot foam, that doesn't need to be baked in an oven. Really good ventilation and a carbon filter mask should be worn when using the product. The cold foam is not as soft and light as hot foam, but a perfect material for the ears. Just after the second run I had a nice pair.

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