Saturday, July 7, 2012

Final Witness

It's been almost a year, but my episode for ABC's "Final Witness" has aired. Check out episode #102 Graveyard Love at
Being a network show there are not too many fx makeups, but there is some good bruising and a little bit of blood. Plus some tattoos that had been made to match the actual killers. The biggest challenge was keeping the tattoos on with all the sunscreen in hot Louisiana.
To make the tattoos I used the carbon paper that a tattoo shop uses to make actual stencils. (this can be purchased at any tattoo supply) I traced my drawing over the carbon paper onto a piece of tracing paper. This is now the stencil. A little castile soap mixed with water transfers the stencil image perfectly to the skin Then the outline and color was all done by hand with skin illustrator alcohol inks. A bit of powder over the image set it nicely into the skin.

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